The ADR Forum welcomes workshop proposals encompassing a wide range of topics at the intersection of AI, Data, and Robotics. While the call is thematically open, we particularly encourage submissions that fall under the following workshop types:

  1. Workshops that intend to kick-off an Adra topic group.
  2. ‘Birds of a feather’ workshops for a cluster of projects on a particular topic of mutual interest.  
  3. Forward looking workshops that leverage ADR convergence for boosting industrial competitiveness in Europe at high socio-economic impact and ensuring societal trust in ADR.


Workshop Assessment and Selection

The Programme Committee will review each submitted proposal, and, at its discretion, make a selection of 28 workshops that are well-fitting and complementary to the programme, and are attractive for a large fraction of the audience present.  

Workshop proposers are advised to explicitly highlight the following points:

  • The cross domain nature of their workshop (AI,Data and Robotics)
  • The specific, action-oriented workshop purpose with a clearly defined description that will attract attendees to the workshop
  • An aim to generate concrete answers/clear expected outcomes to current problems in the field. Therefore, we ask to provide a couple (1-3) of predefined questions to be discussed and answered in the workshop proposal submission form
  • A strong focus on new and/or emerging and/or strategic topics as well as those reflecting current areas of community interest
  • A clear workshop agenda and confirmed contributors to the workshop
  • A plan for a highly interactive workshop, including for example discussions, Q&A, and/or panel sessions to facilitate a lively exchange of ideas among the attendees 
  • A balanced representation of stakeholders: industrial and/or academic contributors,  involvement of end-users or policy makers.

Additional Comments

  • All workshops are expected to work toward an appropriate gender balance between the speakers. 
  • All workshops have a maximum duration of 90 minutes for interactive workshops and a maximum duration of 60 minutes for lectures/one-way presentations. 
  • All workshops are in-person only (an exception can be made for a keynote speaker, but it is not encouraged)
  • All speakers and participants need to register to the forum, and pay the registration fee (speakers will receive a 50% discount to the full ticket price). 

Proposal Submission