Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology becomes mature and at the same time researchers and manufacturers discover new applications in which AI can support manufacturing operations. The real benefit from AI in manufacturing will not just be by automating tasks but provide new levels of autonomy that will make possible entirely new applications and introduce new business processes in manufacturing. 

The “Generative AI for Manufacturing” workshop offers a comprehensive dive into how generative AI can be seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing sector, transforming operations, quality control, and productivity. State of art Generative AI technologies such as LLMs and GANs will be investigated in this context. It brings together experts from academia, manufacturing industry and technology providers to share their view on recent developments, barriers and opportunities towards the adoption of AI in manufacturing. 

Initially, a set of presentations will provide insights into the topic reporting work from research and industrial projects. Overall, this will help the audience to develop an understanding of key concepts and technologies, as well as understanding of the benefits and the barriers when applying AI in industrial practice. 

The workshop is organized under the aegis of AIM-NET (Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing Network, AIM-NET has more than 35 members and this event will create opportunities for establishing links between AIM-NET members and the ADRA association.


  • Introduction and welcome - The Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing Network (AIM-NET) overview  
  • Generative AI for Manufacturing current state and outlook 
  • Generative AI for sustainable product design 
  • Generative AI applications in manufacturing industry
  • Robots, Additive Manufacturing and Virtual Twins for Generative Production 
  • How Generative AI will change decision making process in manufacturing  
  • AI services for a resilient manufacturing  
  • AI Applied to Manufacturing 
  • Closing the Loop: Enhancing Circular Manufacturing with Generative AI 
  • Round table discussion: Priorities and milestones for successful adoption of Generative AI in manufacturing. 

List of the workshop speakers:

  • Sotiris Makris, LMS
  • Kosmas Alexopoulos, LMS
  • Santiago Muiños Landin, AIMEN
  • Heli Helaakoski, Jurmu Marko, VTT 
  • Rolandas Lepardinas, MiV
  • António Almeida, INESC-TEC
  • Luis Usatorre, TECNALIA
  • Juan Antonio Arrieta, IDEKO 
  • Mikkel Labori Olsen, DTI