Different instruments supported by the EC in H2020 and HE will present their concrete experience and their offer to ADRA. At the centre, we will discuss the concepts of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) focused on specific technologies like AI (DIH4AI) or robotics (RIMA) to support innovation. 

We will also discuss the new concept of eDIH aiming at supporting uptake of ADR technologies in regions, in industry and in public sector. We will also have explanations of the Testing Evaluation Facilities concept as well as the EIT instruments can help in deployment of ADR technologies. We will also listen to the experience of ETAPAS initiative to facilitate uptake of ADR in public sector. 

A panel session will open the discussion on the interactions between these initiatives and ADRA. 

  • What support these instruments can provide to ADRA? 
  • How can ADRA take advantage of their expertise? What support can ADRA provide? 
  • How to organize the interactions between ADRA and these networks? 

The presentations and panels will be organized with by experts in instrumentation of innovation, uptake and deployment of ADR technologies, leaders of different initiatives.


1) Presentations of experiences in Innovation, deployment and uptake of ADR technologies

  • DIH4AI, DIH network on uptake of AI
  • TEF on Manufacturing
  • Robotics network of DIHs,
    • DIH-HERO,
    • TRINITY manufacturing DIHs,
    • RIMA Alliance,
    • ETAPAS, uptake of AI by public sector
  • EIT Digital
  • eDIH concept

2) Panel on setting up interactions with ADRA, action plan

List of the workshop speakers:

  • Sergio Gusmeroli, POLIMI
  • Reinhard Lafrenz, euRobotics 
  • Farzam Ranjbaran, CEA/LIST
  • Minna Lanz, Tampere University
  • Aksel Transeth, SINTEF
  • Iddo Bante, University of Twente
  • Valentina Ivanova, CEA
  • Giovanna Galasso, Intellera
  • Yves Paindaveine, European Commission, DG Cnect