AI, data and robots are currently being used to deliver value in inspection and maintenance (I&M) to the industry and public sector globally. However, the uptake in the market of such technologies has a vastly bigger potentially compared to what is currently realized. To address this gap, we will focus on three main key workshop questions to be addressed during the workshop and reported on to ADRA after the workshop: 

  •  What are the next high-value use cases for AI, data and robotics in inspection and maintenance? 
  • What are the current gaps (business readiness, technology readiness, regulations, etc.) that hinder large-scale uptake of such technologies in I&M? 
  • What strategies can European industry and research employ to capitalize on the innovations brought by novel AI algorithms, data, and robotics in I&M?

Objectives of the workshop

  • Kick-off for the ADRA topic group on inspection and maintenance. 
  • Produce clear outcomes from the workshop in terms of gaps and action needed to further capitalize on the possibilities of AI, data and robotics technologies in inspection and maintenance across market sectors. 


  • Introduction
  • Position statements
  • Brainstorming session
  • Short summary and how to get involved

List of the workshop speakers:

  • Aksel A. Transeth, SINTEF
  • Thordur Arnason and Fredrik Borchgrevink, Capgemini
  • Tsampikos Kounalakis, Danish Technological Institute
  • Richard Moore, SINTEF
  • Veronica Brizzi and Giulia Baccarin, MIPU